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My wife had a Frivious Harassment Restraining order filed against her from a neighbor all based on lies and assumptions.  We had originally thought we could handle this silly case by ourselves, however they had a lawyer that kept on trying to pulls fast ones on us.  That is when we went looking for a lawyer.  We found some that were way over priced and others that just didn’t seem to be all there.  We found Vita’s very affordable and knowledgable and understood where we were coming from.

We were already sure we had the case pretty much beat, but Vita still dug stuff up on the Plaintiff from social media and came very much prepared.  Thanks to Vita the trial was an embarrassment for the Plaintiff and she also ended up getting our Lawyers fees paid by the plaintiff.

Like the other good reviews, I highly recommend Vita

I am very picky and hold standards up to a very high level, especially when it comes to service and professionalism.  Vita is literally the best lawyer you could ever come across in the valley or in the bay area!  My boyfriend and I were having trouble with my ex and our custody arrangement with the kids when we started looking for a lawyer.  We came across Vita’s law firm and decided to give her a shot.

We met up with her and were completely blown away by her intelligence, grace, and understanding of our situation.  She listened intently to everything we wanted, gave us tons of options and basically lead the way to the new court order/custody arrangement that we dreamed of.  Mind you, my ex and his bay area lawyer tried to give us hell through the court system.  But Vita never backed down and fought for us the entire way through.

I never thought I’d ever say this about a lawyer, but Vita is the sweetest, honest, most genuine person I’ve ever met.  She will walk you through whatever mess you’re in and make sure you and your family are happy in the end.  Truly a pleasure working with her and recommend her law firm to everyone.

I am a retired cop, injured in the line of duty. My ex spouse has a serious drinking problem, as well, cheated on me at least once that I know of. I came to Vita very very discouraged. I thought I knew the laws here in CA, and figured I was going to get the shaft. To my surprise, I knew little to nothing about family law, divorce law, etc. Vita picked me back up off my knees, dusted me off, put my head up high and went to battle for me and my boys. When it was all said and done, I got exactly what I requested, and exactly what she told me she would do for me. She is ethical, hardworking, intelligent, no B.S., and actually cares about her clients. Her staff is just as compassionate and they works their asses off for you. I cannot say enough about this firm. They plowed a path for me and my boys and everything she explained to me was exactly what happened. Vita, thank you thank you thank you! My boys and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Rarely does the father and or husband come out unscathed, but you somehow made it happen. I will always refer EVERYONE who needs a great attorney to your office.

She’s great at her job. Not only did we accomplish all of our goals, she got us through it all much faster than we initially anticipated. Very accommodating, polite and personable. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a local attorney who you can trust.

Vita , she’s a woman of her word!  She cares about her clients and reassures her clients that there is a solution to every problem. She listens to all your concerns, questions and most importantly the child(ren) that are involved in the separation.  If you are looking for a trustworthy lawyer in the Central Valley she is the one!  She’s been great and the rock to my continuing custody in LA!

Vita has a wonderful approach to the world of family law. She gets the job done professionally and with the as minimal cost to the client as possible.

I met with vita just for a consultation and right off the bat she was willing to help me. Just after our first meeting, I can tell that she actually cares about the children involved. She took action just in our consultation and contacted CPS to find out what was going on with my case, just that alone is more than I expected from our consultation. I highly recommend giving her a call and once you meet with her, you’ll see why she has such great Yelp reviews! Thank you so much for taking your time to meet with me and for your advice, I’m happy to have come across you, I look forward to meeting with you again!

Vita made the process very easy and really put me at ease with my custody case. She definitely made it a more positive experience! She was very attentive and listened to what I wanted and helped me to get it .

Vita was excellant.  I hired her to help with my custody battle and lets just say from a man’s point of view i got to spend every other week with my daughter and holidays.  Before I was only getting 2nd and 4th weekend of the month and certain holidays.  But now i get to see her more and we are bonding quite nicely.  All the thanks in the world to Vita you were my savior.  She is the one you want when you want things done.

2015 was a rough year but having Vita by my side helped tremendously. She is not only professional and knowledgeable but trustworthy and cares very much about her clients on every level. I would recommend Vita to anyone.

Couldnt be happier! Vita was very helpfull in handling my case. I would highly recommend her to anybody thats looking for an attorney. She responded quickly to any questions and concerns i had. Thank you Vita

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you in your divorce / child custody case, I highly recommend Vita! She’s the best!! She is honest, trustworthy, caring, and very professional. I am relieved to have her as my attorney because she has a calm and compassionate demeanor. She was reassuring and was reasonably priced compared to others. She really cares about her clients and has a great work ethic. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a good attorney.

I was so lucky to find Vita. She is absolutely amazing and when I left i wanted to hug her. She is patient and listened to every word I said. If i have a need to hire another attorney I would run straight to her office.

Vita was not only very professional and efficient at her trade, she was very empathetic and helpful to my case, which was certainly a little out of the ordinary. I wish I would have met her sooner! She expertly figured out the best strategy to employ and guided us thru it to completion. I highly recommend Vita. Thank You!

I hired Vita to work on my divorce that was completed, yet not adhered to by the ex.  Vita took the time to explain all processes and found the best option.  She didn’t just take the money and run like my first lawyer.

I had a great experience with Vita and would highly recommend her services. She knows what she’s doing and how to maneuver the system. What’s more important is she knows her business and she knows the laws. Yes, sometimes she had to talk me off a ledge and assure me everything would be all right.

Thanks Vita for your hard work and calming reassurances.

I highly recommend Vita!! She has a superior knowledge and understanding of the law, and is a trustworthy attorney that put her clients first.  Her calm, matter-of-fact demeanor is what clients need when faced with emotional situations such as divorce and custody issues. Beyond that, her grasp on the law puts her a step above the next legal professional when faced with choosing an attorney.

That said, Vita is your gal for any divorce or family law needs.  I will continue to recommend her to anyone I know looking for such legal services!

Vita was very helpful. She takes her time to really help you as much as possible and she helped me greatly…still is helping me. I am a single father who is in the middle of a custody battle and as soon as I found her, she was almost immediately able to see me. I have never had an attorney before and I was really unsure as to how all of this works but she has been there with me every step of the way. I don’t think I could have found a better person to help me. Thank you so much, Vita!!!

Vita is so great. She offered me a free consultation and took my case last minute!!! She’s honest, reasonable, and she makes herself available when you need advice. Vita put in a tremendous amount of effort to help my case, as she is continus to do. She’s a professional, stand up, take charge lawyer! You will definitely never feel alone ! ????????????????

Vita saved me and my daughters life! I filed for a divorce and showed up to a few hearings without a lawyer and learned fast that the courtroom does not run on “what is fair.” It’s a whole different world that will make matters worse if you don’t have an elite attorney representing you, like Vita. I found Vita after talking to several attorneys and immediately knew she was the lawyer for me. She has a lot of knowledge about the law, a genuine concern for your well being (as well as your child’s), tells you exactly what to expect-and you find that she keeps her word. Once we got to the courtroom, she pulled me aside and said “Jaimee I’m gonna fight for you today” We went through the mediation, saw the judge and she didn’t skip a beat! She knew exactly what to say and just the right time to say it. She won! And she does it all with such class. I noticed everybody likes and respects her there at the courthouse. And it’s because she’s great at her job, extremely professional, and is the sweetest person you will ever meet on top of it. I highly recommend Vita, this is the type of professional you need handling your life-matters!