Dealing with child custody issues without an experienced attorney can create undesirable results. As a mother of two, I understand how important it is to advocate and to protect your children.  In California, the court is to make custody orders that are in the best interest of the children.  However, the Court has minutes to asses your situation and make  a determination as ti what is in the best interest of the children.


If you reside in  Modesto, Oakdale, Riverbank, Turlock, Patterson, or any surrounding cities in surrounding counties, the court employs mediators to speak to families and write reports.  It is important to understand the role of the mediator and how to best present your case to the mediator.  Often litigants are very emotional during custody proceedings and may not be able to express themselves well.

Understanding the mediation process is critical to a successful outcome. Often the best intentions are misinterpreted in mediation and the court will make orders that are not in the best interest of the minor children involved. To speak to a Modesto family law attorney regarding child custody issues please call our office.


The court have along history of discriminating against fathers when it comes to custody issues. The days of weekend dads should belong behind us. It is unfair to the children not to have both parents an equal part of their lives. At Palazuelos Law we believe that a father is an important part of the child’s life. Let us advocate rights as  father.

The child in most circumstances needs both parents to be equally involved in their lives. A father plays a very important part of the child’s life. It is crucial that the custody orders reflect the importance of a father role in a child’s life.

Quite frequently, the fathers are left out of the picture due to false accusations or worse threats of restraining orders without cause. Do not let the other side intimidate you and prevent you from being the father your children deserve. Ms. Palazuelos will advocate for your right to be a part of the your child’s life.


There are limited circumstances where grandparents can possibly attain visitation rights. Schedule a consult with us to discuss further.


Child support is determined by a formula. The calculator requires numerous inputs that have an affect on the amount of support owed. It is important to understand how the calculators work to ensure accuracy. Sometimes child support is miscalculated and the payer ends up overpaying by hundreds of dollars a month.

It is especially important to speak to an attorney when dealing with Department of Child Support Services.  They are the government arm of child support.  Nonpayment of child support can result in wage garnishments, bank levies and drivers license suspensions.  We can often help those dealing with child support for a reasonable cost.

Landlord-Tenant issues are particularly time sensitive and difficult. We can assist you in the eviction process from starting the initial eviction procedure to collecting past due rent.  We have worked with both  landlords and tenants to resolve their legal matter quickly and cost effectively.

We understand that sometimes good people are faced with difficult situations. We will guide you through the eviction process in a cost conscious and professional manner.


Legal services can seem unattainable and extremely costly to most.  We understand that legal help is not a luxury but a necessity. We offer hourly rates which are more than competitive.  We will be honest with you as to the costs of your legal issue and can offer payment plans.

If you are not able to afford full representation but would like to an attorney to review your paperwork, prepare you for mediation,  or complete your paperwork we offer hourly services.  Contact our office to find out how we can help you.

Our retainers start as low as $500 for certain cases. Most of our child custody and child support modifications can be done for a low flat fee. 

One unique feature of Palazuelos Law is that clients are not charged for emails and phone calls. This has proven to be very affective way to be successful in court as clients feel more comfortable sending an email explaining all the details of their case.  Legal services tend to be out of reach for those that need it most. Ms. Palazuelos started her firm with that in mind. We strive to be affordable and work with our clients to provide top notch legal representation to  all. We provide low hourly rates and flat fees so you will not be surprised with any  astronomical legal fees. all us to find out more.

Ms. Palazuelos does not charge for client communications. It is imperative that clients communicate with their attorneys without fear of astronomical legal fees.  Call our office to find out how we can help you.